Bourbon Barrel Aged Belgian Dark Strong with Dried Cherries

We start this ale off using Belgian dark malts and unrefined cane sugar, then ferment it with Belgian ale yeast to create a base beer. In the initial phases of developing this recipe, it was sweet, with notes of dried stone fruit, caramelized sugar, citrus and spice, flavors that danced through the long, dry finish. A good start, but we wanted more. So we transferred the brew into bourbon barrels. After a few months, we were amazed to find that the concoction was starting to taste like a Manhattan, the classic cocktail. We decided to roll with it and dumped dried cherries into the barrels then walked away, allowing it to slumber and mellow in the bourbon barrel for three more months. When we were finally satisfied with the succulent lusciousness we’d created, we primed and bottled the brew, setting it aside to bottle condition and mature. Think of this finished craft beverage not just as a beer, but a creative journey. Sip slowly and let it take you where it may. Best consumed at the end of the day, in quiet contemplation, by flickering firelight.