Agave Vodka

Similar to how our cane vodka is made with the heads and tails that remain after a rum distillation, our agave vodka is birthed from the leftovers of our agave spirit distillation. (The phrase “agave spirits,” for those of you who aren’t in the know, refers to what we would be allowed to call “tequila,” if we were distilling in Mexico, but distilleries located outside Mexico are forbidden from using the term.) Though our agave vodka is highly purified and very smooth, a hint of spiciness and smokiness—dare we say, tequila-like character—remains. (We said tequila-like; we didn’t say tequila.) We believe our process creates a truly unique vodka that’s perfect in a Bloody Mary. Or would it be a Bloody Maria? Either way, it’s delicious, if we do say so ourselves, and best consumed over brunch. While cursing last night’s overindulgence. And dreaming of long stretches of beach. And fish tacos.