Our Story

Tumbleroot was first imagined in the fall of 2015 when we, co-founders Jason Fitzpatrick and Jason Kirkman, were on a biking tour of Denver breweries and distilleries. We had a clear idea of what we wanted to do and what would make Tumbleroot unique.

First, it would be a combined brewery and distillery production space, capable of making a wide variety of beer and spirits. Second, to create a multifaceted taproom (music venue, outdoor space, marketplace), a community hub where we would offer our products along with other local craft goods. Tumbleroot, we imagined, would be about making things from scratch using seasonal, wild, and organic ingredients, and would also be about developing relationships with and tapping into the creativity of partners from our community. After two years of planning and searching, we began construction of our Bisbee Court production space and Agua Fria Street taproom in the summer of 2017.

Jason Fitzpatrick

You can call Jason Fitzpatrick the man responsible for whatever the f*** needs to get done; the front of house guru, the behind the scenes ninja. In the past, Jason dabbled in a variety of “careers,” before claiming craft beer a superior way to make a living. He began by supporting other breweries in various … (continued)

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Jason Kirkman

Jason is one of our founders and the head of brewery and distillery operations. Born in upstate New York, and a graduate of Colorado College, he has been a homebrewer since the early 90’s and has worked several stints as a commercial brewer and distiller, most recently at Bathtub Row Brewing Cooperative in Los Alamos … (continued)

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Brandon O’Brien

Brandon moved to New Mexico in 2006 after graduating from Purdue University in Indiana. As an avid outdoor enthusiast, Brandon fell in love with the opportunities for hiking, biking, and exploring, which the unique New Mexico landscape provides. Brandon enjoys brewing for all of the experimentation that comes with it. Recently he has been working … (continued)

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