Tumbleroot Pottery Pub

Tumbleroot Pottery Pub brings together two unique Santa Fe businesses, Paseo Pottery and Tumbleroot Brewery & Distillery.

All of our house-made cocktails, spirits, and beers are served in ceramic vessels specifically designed for each beverage. You can both taste and feel the craftsmanship in our products. From cocktail to cup, we cut no corners and spare no expenses, offering a unique experience that is truly Santa Fe.

Location: 135 W Palace Ave | Santa Fe, NM 87501

Open daily from 11am – 9pm

Beers Available at Tumbleroot Pottery Pub

Double Brown Ale

An American Style Brown Ale taken to the next level. Our double brown ale is a supercharged version of an American brown ale that can also be thought of as a brown IPA.  Robust malts take the lead and impart…

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Sunset Hazy IPA

A hop bomb of an ale with luscious mouthfeel, moderate bitterness, and intense fruit flavors. Our riff on a New England Hazy IPA owes its appearance and velvety mouthfeel to a grain bill high in rolled oats.  With a blend…

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Sunrise Lager

Crisp with subtle flavors of pilsner malt (graham cracker), this beer is a clean and easy drinking lager. A touch of noble hops, (spicy and herbal) lend a hint of bitterness and complementary flavors. We mash this beer at very…

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Sour Red Ale

A mixed-fermentation (souring bacteria and “wild” yeast) red ale that was aged in French red wine barrels for over a year and then bottle conditioned. Available in 3 varieties: Sour Red Ale, Sour Red Ale with Cherries, Sour Red Ale…

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Honey Double IPA

An intensely hoppy, strong pale ale with subtle malt notes reminiscent of honey on toast. It’s slightly dry finish and floral notes are due, in fact, to the addition of local honey added at the end of the boil. The…

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Dry Hopped Tripel

This lively libation is our take on the strong, golden Belgian abbey style ale. The spice and fruity esters of Belgian yeast are complimented with notes of honey from our artisanal malts and balanced with bitterness and a dry, crisp…

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Spirits Available at Tumbleroot Pottery Pub


Paloma- Agave Spirit, Fresh Grapefruit. The refreshing character of the Paloma cocktail has always been dear to our hearts. Crisp, clean, never too sweet. Tumbleroot Agave Spirit Fresh Grapefruit 4 pack of 12 oz Sleek Cans 10 % abv 2…

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Mojito- Tumbleroot Blanco Rum, Fresh Lime, Spearmint. This classic from Havana has captured the hearts of authors and adventurers alike. Tumbleroot Blanco Rum Fresh Lime Spearmint 4 pack of 12 oz Sleek Cans 12 % abv 2 drinks per can

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Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule- Cane Vodka, Fresh Lime, Spicy Ginger. This American classic combines the bite of cold pressed ginger root and refreshing lime with premium vodka. Tumbleroot Cane Vodka Fresh Lime Spicy Ginger NM Red Chile and other spices 4 pack…

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Farmhouse Whisky

Our Farmhouse Whisky begins as an unhopped version of our Farmhouse Ale, a Belgian style which is made from organic barley, wheat, and New Mexico blue corn. After distillation, it was aged for a year in brandy barrel and then…

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Navy Strength Gin

We set out to make a high proof, barrel aged gin that would be a versatile mixer and distinct from our other gins. As we brainstormed and combined flavors, we realized we were creating a flavor profile similar to chai.…

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Cane Vodka

When distilling our rums, we use only the “hearts” (meaning the “choicest”) cuts, which are captured during the middle of a distillation run. This leaves the “head” and “tail” cuts to be distilled again through our vodka still. Not only…

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High Desert Gin

This recipe was inspired by Thai pomelo salad, which we discovered on our first trip to Bangkok. A pomelo is a ginormous citrus fruit, which is impressive in its own right. (Think of a grapefruit—the pomelo would be the grapefruit’s…

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Botanical Gin

This gin was inspired by the floral bounty of our brewer’s home garden. (OK, in the interest of full disclosure, we should say that it’s really his wife’s garden—he just turns the compost.) Our botanical gin has less juniper than…

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Blanco Rum

Made from 100% organic evaporated cane juice and distilled at a high proof, this clear rum is smooth, delicate, and slightly fruity. Our Blanco Rum is designed to be a versatile cocktail mixer. Perfect in Mojitos. Best consumed while listening…

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Oro Rum

We begin this gold rum using our Blanco Rum as the base, and then aging it on oak until it picks up a light golden hue with hints of vanilla and caramel. As smooth, delicate, and fruity as its sister,…

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Plata Agave Spirit

A bold, clear spirit with robust fruity cactus flavor, spice, and smokiness that’s aged without wood. Perfect in a Margarita, and best consumed in Santa Fe. The City Indifferent. The best little city on earth. Right after they finish burning…

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Reposado Agave Spirit

Our reposado is “rested” on oak. As oxygen and time do their work, the spirit mellows and smooths out, picking up wood flavors and hints of vanilla. Like its hermana, Plata, Reposado features robust characteristics of fruit, smoke, and spice.…

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