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Welcome to TumblerootBrewery & Distillery

Tumbleroot was established in 2018. With a combined brewery and distillery production space, we make a wide variety of beer, spirits, liqueurs, bitters and canned cocktails. Made from-scratch, our products feature organic, garden grown and wild harvested ingredients. Our beers have won medals at national competitions including the Great American Beer Festival and the National Honey Board Honey Beer Competition. We have won numerous local awards for our products, and in 2020, the readers of Edible Magazine named Tumbleroot the best producer of distilled spirits in New Mexico.

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Our Beers

Tumbleroot has a 10-barrel brew house with 10 and 20-barrel fermenters. We focus on draft beer with some seasonal, bottle conditioned releases. We have a rotating beer list featuring at least eight draft beers that reflect and resonate with the changing character of the high desert through the four seasons. Our limited release bottlings include cask aged sours and strong ales matured in spirit barrels. These special brews showcase the creative synergy between our brewery and distillery.

Sunrise Lager

Crisp with subtle flavors of pilsner malt (graham cracker), this beer is a clean and easy drinking lager. A touch of noble hops, (spicy and herbal) lend a hint of bitterness and complementary flavors. We mash this beer at very…

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Dry Hopped Tripel

This lively libation is our take on the strong, golden Belgian abbey style ale. The spice and fruity esters of Belgian yeast are complimented with notes of honey from our artisanal malts and balanced with bitterness and a dry, crisp…

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Double Brown Ale

An American Style Brown Ale taken to the next level. Our double brown ale is a supercharged version of an American brown ale that can also be thought of as a brown IPA.  Robust malts take the lead and impart…

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Our Spirits

Our distillery is set up to be versatile. The still can be run as a pot still or we can run our spirits through a 20 plate vodka column. We produce vodka, a variety of rums, whiskies, and gins, and agave spirits (can’t call it tequila if it ain’t from Mexico). All of our spirits are made from scratch with organic and wild harvested ingredients, as well as herbs and botanicals from the Kirkman’s garden. Before distillation, our whiskies, vodkas and gins begin their lives as beers in our brew house, and we believe that this cross pollination between brewery and distillery makes our spirits unique.

Cane Vodka

When distilling our rums, we use only the “hearts” (meaning the “choicest”) cuts, which are captured during the middle of a distillation run. This leaves the “head” and “tail” cuts to be distilled again through our vodka still. Not only…

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Blanco Rum

Made from 100% organic evaporated cane juice and distilled at a high proof, this clear rum is smooth, delicate, and slightly fruity. Our Blanco Rum is designed to be a versatile cocktail mixer. Perfect in Mojitos. Best consumed while listening…

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Reposado Agave Spirit

Our reposado is “rested” on oak. As oxygen and time do their work, the spirit mellows and smooths out, picking up wood flavors and hints of vanilla. Like its hermana, Plata, Reposado features robust characteristics of fruit, smoke, and spice.…

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