Jason Fitzpatrick

Owner/Director of Business Operations

You can call Jason Fitzpatrick the man responsible for whatever the f*** needs to get done; the front of house guru, the behind the scenes ninja.
In the past, Jason dabbled in a variety of “careers,” before claiming craft beer a superior way to make a living. He began by supporting other breweries in various roles, while growing his expertise in the industry. With his supporting wife always willing to bounce creative ideas off of, it was only a matter of timing on when to branch off on his own. Meeting Tumbleroot’s brewer and distiller, Jason Kirkman, was the next necessary step in gaining momentum to actualizing the mutual Fitz’s dream. Years later, Tumbleroot is the culmination of many hours of brainstorming, experimenting and lots of hard work, all while drinking fine brews along the way. Fitz hopes the end result will be a joyful place of gathering for the community of his home, Santa Fe.