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Agave Spirits

Since the term “tequila” cannot be used unless a product is made in Mexico, we use the name “agave spirit” to describe ours, which is made with 100% organic blue agave nectar. Distilled through our whisky column to allow more flavor to pass through the still, we age these spirits to achieve a mellow smoothness that’s balanced with spice. (Listen, can we be honest? That aging process can sometimes be a real challenge. Mainly because we hate to wait. Like even for a bus or something. An important phone call. But, we think you’ll agree that, in this case, it’s totally worth it. You’re welcome.)


Paloma- Agave Spirit, Fresh Grapefruit. The refreshing character of the Paloma cocktail has always been dear to our hearts. Crisp, clean, never too sweet. Tumbleroot Agave Spirit Fresh Grapefruit 4 pack of 12 oz Sleek Cans 10 % abv 2…

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Plata Agave Spirit

A bold, clear spirit with robust fruity cactus flavor, spice, and smokiness that’s aged without wood. Perfect in a Margarita, and best consumed in Santa Fe. The City Indifferent. The best little city on earth. Right after they finish burning…

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Reposado Agave Spirit

Our reposado is “rested” on oak. As oxygen and time do their work, the spirit mellows and smooths out, picking up wood flavors and hints of vanilla. Like its hermana, Plata, Reposado features robust characteristics of fruit, smoke, and spice.…

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