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Our rums are made with organic evaporated cane juice and organic molasses. We open ferment our rum with ale yeast to develop complex, fruity flavors.


Mojito- Tumbleroot Blanco Rum, Fresh Lime, Spearmint. This classic from Havana has captured the hearts of authors and adventurers alike. Tumbleroot Blanco Rum Fresh Lime Spearmint 4 pack of 12 oz Sleek Cans 12 % abv 2 drinks per can

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Blanco Rum

Made from 100% organic evaporated cane juice and distilled at a high proof, this clear rum is smooth, delicate, and slightly fruity. Our Blanco Rum is designed to be a versatile cocktail mixer. Perfect in Mojitos. Best consumed while listening…

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Oro Rum

We begin this gold rum using our Blanco Rum as the base, and then aging it on oak until it picks up a light golden hue with hints of vanilla and caramel. As smooth, delicate, and fruity as its sister,…

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