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All of Tumbleroot’s vodkas are distilled in our custom-built, 20-plate vodka still. This creates a distillate of very high purity (over 190 proof), which is then diluted with high desert, mountain spring water. Unlike many American vodkas, ours are never filtered. We prefer to allow the subtle flavors of our organic ingredients to add character and complexity to these spirits.

Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule- Cane Vodka, Fresh Lime, Spicy Ginger. This American classic combines the bite of cold pressed ginger root and refreshing lime with premium vodka. Tumbleroot Cane Vodka Fresh Lime Spicy Ginger NM Red Chile and other spices 4 pack…

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Cane Vodka

When distilling our rums, we use only the “hearts” (meaning the “choicest”) cuts, which are captured during the middle of a distillation run. This leaves the “head” and “tail” cuts to be distilled again through our vodka still. Not only…

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