High Desert Gin

This recipe was inspired by Thai pomelo salad, which we discovered on our first trip to Bangkok. A pomelo is a ginormous citrus fruit, which is impressive in its own right. (Think of a grapefruit—the pomelo would be the grapefruit’s big-ass older cousin who grew up in the tropics.) When the tangy pomelo is paired with a fiery, sweet green salad chocked full of fresh herbs and playfully balancing a wide array of spices, the result is pure magic. Our citrus-forward gin attempts to recreate this balance: juxtaposing basil and lime leaf, green cardamom and coriander, angelica root and long pepper, grapefruit and lime zest, and with the classic gin notes of juniper. Perfect in a Tom Collins. (Also happens to go well in your Siam Sling—slow sipping beneath the palm fronds as Bangkok buzzes around you, and that new tattoo just won’t stop burning.)