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We make all our gins by starting with the same process used for our grain vodka, then adding an infusion step. Just as the purified vapors pass from the still, the distillate is diverted through a gin basket that’s packed with wild harvested New Mexico juniper berries, herbs, spices, fresh citrus zest, and botanicals (all of which are organic, and most of which are harvested from the brewer’s own garden, mind you).

Navy Strength Gin

We set out to make a high proof, barrel aged gin that would be a versatile mixer and distinct from our other gins. As we brainstormed and combined flavors, we realized we were creating a flavor profile similar to chai.…

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High Desert Gin

This recipe was inspired by Thai pomelo salad, which we discovered on our first trip to Bangkok. A pomelo is a ginormous citrus fruit, which is impressive in its own right. (Think of a grapefruit—the pomelo would be the grapefruit’s…

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Botanical Gin

This gin was inspired by the floral bounty of our brewer’s home garden. (OK, in the interest of full disclosure, we should say that it’s really his wife’s garden—he just turns the compost.) Our botanical gin has less juniper than…

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