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Double Brown Ale

An American Style Brown Ale taken to the next level. Our double brown ale is a supercharged version of an American brown ale that can also be thought of as a brown IPA.  Robust malts take the lead and impart…

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Sunset Hazy IPA

A hop bomb of an ale with luscious mouthfeel, moderate bitterness, and intense fruit flavors. Our riff on a New England Hazy IPA owes its appearance and velvety mouthfeel to a grain bill high in rolled oats.  With a blend…

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Honey Double IPA

An intensely hoppy, strong pale ale with subtle malt notes reminiscent of honey on toast. It’s slightly dry finish and floral notes are due, in fact, to the addition of local honey added at the end of the boil. The…

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Dry Hopped Tripel

This lively libation is our take on the strong, golden Belgian abbey style ale. The spice and fruity esters of Belgian yeast are complimented with notes of honey from our artisanal malts and balanced with bitterness and a dry, crisp…

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